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An eVTOL, also known as a flying car, flies past the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Will Urban Air Mobility Take Off?

Urban Air Mobility’s success, depends as much on where services are offered as it does on solving technological issues.

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Flying cars in an urban skyscape.

The Flight Path to Urban Air Mobility Success May Be on the Ground

Planning for VTOLs (flying cars) is no longer a consideration for the far-off future. Today’s city planners must take into consideration urban air mobility (UAM) concerns.

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Listing of noise complaints at the top busiest airports in the U.S.

Vertiport Location Key to Urban Air Mobility Success

Trying to predict the impact the placement of urban air mobility (UAM) vertiports might have on passengers, communities, federal regulators, and eVTOL operators, students and professors at Indiana’s Purdue University devised and conducted a study, Evaluating the Impact of Urban Air Mobility Aerodrome Siting on Mode Choice. Using Chicago, Illinois’ Metropolitan area as a test,…

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a gun intended to bring down airborne drones

Are UAVs a Blessing or a Curse for the U.S. Military?

Terrorists are using cheap drones, like the ones you can buy at Walmart, to attack high-value targets.

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A lithium mine dug deep into the Earth's surface.

eVTOLs Need Lithium Batteries

Flying cars will likely be powered by lithium batteries. How these batteries will be safely and economically recycled remains to be seen.

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drone flying in nuclear power facility

Drone Alone: Advanced Air Mobility Advances Pilotlessly

During the EnRicH 2021 European Robotics Hackathon, the San Antonio, Texas-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) successfully demonstrated an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that fully autonomously explored and mapped the interior of the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant located in Zwentendorf an der Donau, Austria. The Zwentendorf plant is the world’s only nuclear facility that has been fully built but never activated. This makes…

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