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Bosch Angles for Flying Car Sensor Market

Robert Bosch GmbH, a German-based multinational company, sees its microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors playing a key role in the flying car industry. The auto industry uses Bosch MEMS sensors in automated driving and anti-skid systems. Bosch will adapt its mass-produced solutions for use in air taxis. For example, its sensing and motion-processing tools would help…

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Paris Metro

Utah and Paris Prepare for Flying Cars to Take Off

Like kids playing hide-and-seek, makers of flying cars are about to shout, “Ready or not, here I come!” In response, the State of Utah and RATP, the operator of Paris’ underground subway, are working to ready their cities. Flying Cars in Utah The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) recently told the state legislature’s Transportation Interim…

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Goodyear Reinvents the Wheel – Tires that Drive and Fly

  It would not be entirely unreasonable to say that, if Goodyear, the 120+ year old Akron, Ohio-based automobile tire manufacturer, can accomplish what many have tried and failed to do in so many ways over so many thousands of years, it will have truly ‘reinvented the wheel.’ The company might counter that it is,…

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Israel’s Urban Aeronautics

If Moses had a fleet of CityHawks or FalconXPs from Israeli flying car developer and manufacturer, Urban Aeronautics roughly 4,000 years ago, his conversation with the Pharoah might’ve been completely different. Instead of, “Let my people go,” it might’ve been, “We’re going. Goodbye!”

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US Army Recruits VTOLs for the Frontline

When it comes to surprising your adversaries on the battlefield, silence is golden. As are the logistical advantages offered by an aircraft that requires no runway. Which is why the US Army Research Laboratory (US ARL) is working with Uber and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin to develop to develop silent rotor…

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So You Wanna Build a Flying Car

Orville and Wilbur should’ve been so lucky. The Wright Brothers, famous for being the first to put a sustainable ‘flying machine’ in the sky had but a few years of high school education. Now, as an extension of decades of college and university-based aviation-related engineering education, would-be flying car designers can avail themselves of a…

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