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tiger shark

eVTOL UAVs to Take on Jaws as Shark-Spotters

It’s been 45 years since film director Steven Spielberg frightened beachgoers and boaters out of the oceans with his iconic, shark-fest thriller, Jaws. Now, scientists at the Benioff Ocean Initiative at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) may have found a way, using artificial intelligence (AI) and UAVs (drones), to spot sharks, track…

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eVTOLs, Flying Cars, and Urban Air Mobility Are Coming to Canada

With 3.86 million square miles (about 9.98 million square kilometers), Canada, as the world’s second largest country by total area, has a lot of ground to cover. Its 10 provinces and three territories are home to densely populated metropolises and remote regions populated by indigenous peoples. UAM (aka AAM) will help Canadians enhance urban mobility,…

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Slovakia’s Klein Vision AirCar Flying Car

Apparently, Stefan Klein is a man with a vision. Hence, Klein Vision, s.r.o., which has led him to develop and, now, successfully test fly his AirCar flying car. The AirCar looks similar to the Batmobile, but with wings and rudders that expand and retract to accommodate ground and air transportation. It can go from car…

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So, you’re developing an eVTOL or an hybrid eVTOL, or perhaps a flying car of a different breed altogether. You’ve designed the airframe, the interior, avionics, propulsion system, landing gear, and built your prototype — everything you need to get this unmanned bird airborne and ready for certification from the regulators. But, that’s where things…

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UAM Visual Noise Pollution

With some estimates predicting as many as a half million eVTOLs, hybrid VTOLs, and other urban air vehicles traversing the world’s metropolitan skyways within a decade, a challenge looms for UAM aircraft developers and would-be operators that none alone can overcome: visual noise pollution. Airports have faced the issue of noise abatement from aircraft taking…

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PAL-V Achieves EU’s Roadworthy Certification for Its Flying Car

You have to crawl before you walk. And, apparently, you have to drive before you fly. PAL-V, a Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands-based developer of what it hopes will be among the world’s first flying cars (if not the first), obtained approval from the European Union to drive its vehicle on European roads. Sporting license plate J-7 71-PT,…

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