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Illustration of a red city bus at the base of a vertiport with an air taxi on top of it.

Vertiport, Vertiport, Wherefore Shall I Integrate You?

Much of the discussion surrounding the integration of urban/advanced air mobility (UAM/AAM) has focused on how best to accommodate this new transportation mode into the National Air Space (NAS) of any given nation-state (such as the United States) or a supranational union of states (such as the European Union). But, to date, little consideration has…

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black and yellow evtols parked on top a veriport

eVTOL Batteries: Advanced Machine Learning for AAM

If you use your mobile phone frequently, when the remaining battery life reaches 20%, the battery indicator icon in the upper right of the screen turns red. But if you’re operating your eVTOL the way many passenger-carrying operators expect to – lots of takeoffs and landings throughout the day, ferrying passengers from airports to downtown…

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Tiny flying bot suspended by tweezers next to penny.

Sub-gram Helicopters

Scientists are developing helicopters smaller than some gnats to aid in future rescue missions and more.

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Illustration of a person holding a globe labeled AI.

Urban Air Mobility + Artificial Intelligence

Take a minute to watch the opening scene from the 1952 Superman TV series. Writing in Cyient, Ajay Lohany, formerly with the Indian Air Force, outlines how those superhuman abilities Superman possessed (“faster than a speeding bullet,” “more powerful than a locomotive”) can align to improve aviation as urban air mobility (UAM) and artificial intelligence (AI) join…

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Illustration of a futuristic city skyline at dusk with many different types of aircraft.

Implementing Urban Air Mobility

A group of Brazilian researchers – Bruno Garcia Franciscone, Elton Fernandez, and Alberto Liuz Coimbra – raised an important issue as the urban air mobility movement readies for takeoff in cities and urban environments around the world. Writing in the August 2023 issue of the Journal of Airline Operations and Aviation Management, the authors note…

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Photo of a futuristic flying taxi

Rich Man, Poor Man

Let’s begin with the obvious: The extremely wealthy travel by private jet or limousine. Those traveling on commercial flights are literally divided into classes: first, business, and coach. Where the topography permits, e.g., in the continental U.S. and the European Union, the working class frequently travel by car or bus. There’s been much discussion about…

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