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Diagram illustrating issues with unmanned aircraft systems.

UAS Deconfliction: A Strategic Plan

The sky’s the limit, as the saying goes. Well, as it turns out, with millions of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) soon to take to the air for everything from small package delivery to surveillance and military actions, the sky is, in fact, limited. To prepare, aviation regulators around the globe are setting the stage —…

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The ZERO is a personal flying machine that looks like a streamlined flying disc, a larger than life early Walkman compact disc player.

From Urban Air Mobility to Interplanetary Mobility

The U.S. Department of Defense recently confirmed that photos and videos taken by U.S. Navy personnel in March 2019, and subsequently leaked to the press, are legitimate images the Navy pilots shot of “unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).” The videos show acorn-shaped aircraft with capabilities beyond anything known to the U.S., its allies, or adversaries. As…

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A delivery drone that can drop three packages in one trip.

Leading Edge UAM

The innovation and out-of-the-box thinking fueling the urban air mobility (UAM) industry not only rivals the turn of the 20th century transportation advances made by the Wright Brothers and Henry Ford, it’s fair to say, by the mid-21st century, it will surpass them. Engineers and inventors are developing revolutionary transportation beyond anything aviation pioneers could…

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A personal fitness drone.

UAS – Unmanned Aerial Sports

Are you tired of paying someone to chew you out like a Marine Corps drill sergeant to whip your desk-bound body into shape? Have you had enough of jogging solo or that running partner who won’t stop yakking while you’re trying to get into the zone? Problem solved. Students at Seoul, South Korea’s Hongik University…

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car autonomy chart

UAM Autonomy: What It’s Going to Take

Autonomy is not automation. Consider this: We all want autonomy—the power to control our lives; none of us wants to be automated. The Society of Automobile Engineers International (SAE) has defined six levels of autonomy, ranging from no automation (Level 0) to full automation (Level 5) for cars. These standards have been adopted by the…

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One of the first flying cars.

10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Flying Cars

Who invented the world’s first successful flying car? Waldo Waterman, a San Diego, California-based aviation developer and pioneer, invented the first flying car in 1932. The tailless monoplane was dubbed the Whatsit because that’s the question most reporters asked first. The Waterman Aerobile followed in the late 1930s. Painted “Buick blue,” this flying car was…

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