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Illustration of a future droneport.

What Is a Droneport?

You’ve heard of airports. Society will soon be hearing more about droneports.

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A grid of subjects related to advanced aircraft issues.

Could You Recharge Your eVTOL Batteries in 6 Minutes?

UK-based Nyobolt claims it has developed the technology to charge an EV capable of traveling 155 miles after just six minutes of charging. Compare that to some slow-charging technologies that can take a car up to 14 hours to charge. Led by St. John’s College Engineering, PhD, Dr. Sai Shivareddy and Cambridge University Professor Clare…

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A futuristic night sky in a city with many different types of flying vehicles.

The ABCs of KPIs for UAM

A cohort of scientists have posited a theory and published a paper that effectively applies Pearson’s Law to the impending implementation and integration of urban air mobility (UAM) into a given national airspace. Pearson, a late 19th Century-early 20th Century academic who taught at King’s College, Cambridge divined, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured…

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