The Latest Advanced Air Mobility News

eVTOL Noises Off (Or at Least Significantly Quieter)

Reducing the impact of ambient noise eVTOLs will generate will be one of the keys to the implementation of successful UAM/AAM commercial operations.

Weather or Not – AAM Operators Need to Know

As advanced air mobility (AAM) and urban air mobility (UAM) operators prepare for takeoff, perhaps the one constant they can count on is weather. From hot today to chilly tomorrow, eVTOL operations are especially sensitive to weather. Scientists and researchers, Ashima Sharma, Jay Patrikar, Brady Moon, Sebastian Scherer, and Constantine Samaras conducted a study sponsored…

Ring’s New Drone Cam Comes Home

Amazon’s new Always Home Drone Cam is the latest in home security.

For Urban Air Mobility, A Picture May Be Worth Billions of Words

Researchers believe presenting storyboards of different UAM scenarios will help professionals charged with launching UAM.

eVTOLs Gone in the Wind?

More than half of weather-related aviation accidents are caused by wind. Research into how wind impacts eVTOLs is being addressed.

eVTOLs: Plug In, Charge Up, Take Off

Building an advanced air mobility infrastructure takes time, capital, and cooperation.

AAM-Gym for Artificial Intelligence Practice

Researchers have created an Advanced Air Mobility “gym” that will allow for thousands of potential simulations to improve the development of eVTOLs.

Skating on Thin Ice – Better UAS Than You or Me

Unmanned drone systems equipped with sensors may be able to help move the scientific study of sea ice forward.

Advancing Advanced Air Mobility

The future of urban air mobility depends in part on how well humans and autonomous machines can team together.

Can UAVs Lead to Better Healthcare Outcomes?

In Milan, Italy, a group of researchers at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele Advanced Technology in Health and Wellbeing, including Sara de Silvestri, Mirco Pagliarani, Filippo Tomasello, Diana Trojaniello, and led by Alberto Sanna, conducted a study to explore the potential for drones to deliver pharmaceuticals. The study, published by MDPI in March 2022, was part of Flying Forward 2020, “a three-year collaborative research project that will develop a new Urban…

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