drone flying into computer generatedwind

UAVs Face Headwinds, Tailwinds, and Downdrafts: What’s a Drone to Do?

CalTech Engineers Are Working on the Solution

Researchers are teaching drones how to adapt and stay on course in different wind conditions using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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Michael Hirschberg standing at podium

The FAA makes a U-Turn on eVTOLs

Changes course on certification

After nearly a decade of collaboration with industry, the FAA has abruptly changed the path of how winged eVTOLs can get certified.

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figurine of the scales of justice

A Win for Drone Journalism

Victory in UAV litigation in Texas

A Texas judge ruled it is legal to use drones for newsgathering and to publish their photos.

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UMD UAS drone

Skating on Thin Ice – Better UAS Than You or Me

University of Maryland Researchers and NOAA Take Their eVTOL Out for a Test Flight

Unmanned drone systems equipped with sensors may be able to help move the scientific study of sea ice forward.

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Advanced air mobility aircraft.

Advancing Advanced Air Mobility

Trust Us. Trust the Computers. Trust Us and the Computers?

The future of urban air mobility depends in part on how well humans and autonomous machines can team together.

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Exterior shot of the Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare

Can UAVs Lead to Better Healthcare Outcomes?

In Milan, Italy, a group of researchers at IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele Advanced Technology in Health and Wellbeing, including Sara de Silvestri, Mirco Pagliarani, Filippo Tomasello, Diana Trojaniello, and led by Alberto Sanna, conducted a study to explore the potential for drones to deliver pharmaceuticals. The study, published by MDPI in March 2022, was part of Flying Forward 2020, “a three-year collaborative research project that will develop a new Urban…

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