VFS scholarship recipients

Vertical Flight Society Awards $100,000 in Scholarships

The Vertical Flight Society (VFS) awarded more than US$100,000 to 27 young engineering scholars at 11 universities in the U.S. and Germany to recognize, incentivize, and reward their promise and talent toward advancing vertical flight. “Since 1977, our Vertical Flight Foundation (VFF) Scholarships have helped inspire generations of students to pursue careers in vertical flight,…

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Batteries, Batteries, Batteries: Putting the e in eVTOLs

Thomas Edison, he of light bulb, phonograph, and kinetoscope fame was, to say the least, a prolific scientist and inventor. He also had more than a passing interest in batteries. You know, the things we are staking the future of eVTOLs and urban air mobility on. Industry focus is on lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, but as Professor Dr. Martin…

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Are Actuators the Linchpins of Urban Air Mobility?

Collins Aerospace Puts the Mobile in Urban Air Mobility

Collins Aerospace (Collins), a Charlotte, North Carolina-based design, engineering, and manufacturing firm, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerospace and defense products. With about 68,000 employees working in more than 300 locations worldwide, Collins, a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies, is poised for takeoff when it comes to the burgeoning urban air mobility movement….

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Embraer VTOL on helipad

Frequently Asked Questions about Flying Cars

Also known as electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft

When will members of the public be able to regularly ride the skies in eVTOLs? Answer: While manufacturers might tell you otherwise, NASA gives a conservative estimate of about 2030.   What’s taking so long? Answer: It’s complicated.   No seriously, what are the biggest obstacles to eVTOLs becoming a reality? Answer: Batteries, batteries, batteries….

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flying car

When Will There Be Flying Cars?

10 Things on the UAM To-Do List

When it comes to urban air mobility (UAM), flying cars, eVTOLs, if you will, people want to know: “When will there be flying cars?” Good question. Clearly, (pardon the pun) the wheels are in motion. But the question becomes, what has to happen before some of us, let alone all of us, are airborne in…

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World’s First Urban Air Mobility Vertiport to Be in Coventry UK

If you thought the world’s first vertiport would be in Singapore, Japan, or South Korea, you thunk wrong. Yes, those locales are at the forefront of urban air mobility, but an announcement by UK-based Urban-Air Port (part of the Six Miles Across London Limited small initiative) to launch a vertiport by the end of 2021…

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