Man flying in jetpack

Jetson? No, Jetpack. A Different Path to UAM

While the rest of us have been focused on eVTOLs, hybrid VTOLs, and other evolving modes of urban air mobility (UAM) transport, one person – Richard Browning of Wiltshire, Salisbury, England  – has been busy charting a different flight path toward UAM. He’s developed a working jetpack. As founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries,…

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Israeli VTOL Developer Urban Aeronautics Makes Its First Sale

Urban Aeronautics, a Yavne, Israel-based developer of VTOLs (the company will use hydrogen to power its vehicles instead of electric battery-power), announced its first sale of four of its CityHawk aircraft to Hatzolah Air, a Kew Gardens, Queens, New York-based emergency medical service (EMS) provider. Hatzolah (which means “rescue” in Hebrew) ordered four air ambulance…

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downtown Los Angeles

U.S.A., Japan Gearing Up for Urban Air Mobility

Angelenos have long had a love affair with their cars (take a gander at the 405 Freeway or Highway 101 any time, day or night). Imagine how they’re gonna feel about flying cars. That’s exactly what Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti did on 23 December 2020, when he announced the Urban Air Mobility Partnership between…

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flying car

NASA, Wisk, and Alaka’i Form UAM Partnership

As part of its Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign (NC), NASA announced on November 16, 2020, that it had signed information exchange agreements with UAM vehicle developers, Mountain View, California-based Wisk and Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based Alaka’i Technologies. The agreements will facilitate the integration of eVTOLs and hybrid VTOLs into the U.S. national airspace. Working with…

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Slovakia’s Klein Vision AirCar Flying Car

Apparently, Stefan Klein is a man with a vision. Hence, Klein Vision, s.r.o., which has led him to develop and, now, successfully test fly his AirCar flying car. The AirCar looks similar to the Batmobile, but with wings and rudders that expand and retract to accommodate ground and air transportation. It can go from car…

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PAL-V Achieves EU’s Roadworthy Certification for Its Flying Car

You have to crawl before you walk. And, apparently, you have to drive before you fly. PAL-V, a Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands-based developer of what it hopes will be among the world’s first flying cars (if not the first), obtained approval from the European Union to drive its vehicle on European roads. Sporting license plate J-7 71-PT,…

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