Volocopter Expands Its Vision for Flying Cars

As the world’s flying car manufacturers prepare to launch their vehicles, they seem to be reaching the conclusion that the infrastructure needed to support a world of flying cars is nowhere near ready. This, despite the fact that their eVTOLs may be ready for takeoff within two to five years. Many issues about reliability and…

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Embraer VTOL on helipad

Embraer Plans for Flying Cars

Embraer the Brazil-based jet maker, recently published “Flight Plan 2030.” This white paper outlines its plans for air traffic management for urban air mobility. In other words, its plans for vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOLs), commonly known as flying cars. “Flight Plan 2030 presents what we believe are the necessary first steps toward autonomous…

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Bosch Angles for Flying Car Sensor Market

Robert Bosch GmbH, a German-based multinational company, sees its microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors playing a key role in the flying car industry. The auto industry uses Bosch MEMS sensors in automated driving and anti-skid systems. Bosch will adapt its mass-produced solutions for use in air taxis. For example, its sensing and motion-processing tools would help…

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Goodyear Reinvents the Wheel – Tires that Drive and Fly

  It would not be entirely unreasonable to say that, if Goodyear, the 120+ year old Akron, Ohio-based automobile tire manufacturer, can accomplish what many have tried and failed to do in so many ways over so many thousands of years, it will have truly ‘reinvented the wheel.’ The company might counter that it is,…

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New CEO at Terrafugia

Chao Jing began serving as the new CEO of Terrafugia in April, 2019. Terrafugia cofounder and CTO Carl Dietrich left the company April 6, 2019. Jing has worked with international companies in the US, China, Philippines, Singapore, Belgium, and Japan. The new executive management team also includes Chief Financial Officer Huaibing Wang, who has more…

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A³ (Airbus)

Headquarters: A³, pronounced A cubed, is the Silicon Valley arm of French aerospace giant Airbus. What: Several eVTOL concepts are in development. As of early 2019, the one-person electric Vahana Alpha One had flown more than 50 test flights. The second aircraft, Alpha Two, is the first Vahana demonstrator with a finished interior. The company’s…

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