Entrance of Stanford University.

How Far, How Long, Will Your Batteries Let Your eVTOL Fly?

In aviation, time is money. This is also true in UAM.

They say time is money. Perhaps nowhere is the consumer-operator more conscious of time than in aviation. Travelers worry if their flight is on-time. If departure is delayed, they worry they’ll be able to connect from one flight to another. Flight operators fret over aircraft availability, regulations dictating crew time for safe operations, and myriad…

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exterior photo of The Technical University of Catalonia, Spain

16 Top Concerns About Urban Air Mobility

If Drones Are to Fulfill Their Many Promises, Some Concerns Need to Be Addressed First

Researchers are discovering the top issues people need addressed before they are more comfortable with urban air mobility.

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Illustration replicates artificial intelligence scenarios.

AAM-Gym for Artificial Intelligence Practice

Advanced Air Mobility gets a research and development testbed

Researchers have created an Advanced Air Mobility “gym” that will allow for thousands of potential simulations to improve the development of eVTOLs.

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close of a great white shark's jaw, shot from below

UAVs Take Flight to Save the Sharks

You’re Gonna Need a Drone, Not a ‘Bigger Boat’

As drone technology (design, battery life, video image resolution) improves, it will help save the lives of sharks, researchers, and swimmers.

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drone flying into computer generatedwind

UAVs Face Headwinds, Tailwinds, and Downdrafts: What’s a Drone to Do?

CalTech Engineers Are Working on the Solution

Researchers are teaching drones how to adapt and stay on course in different wind conditions using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

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UMD UAS drone

Skating on Thin Ice – Better UAS Than You or Me

University of Maryland Researchers and NOAA Take Their eVTOL Out for a Test Flight

Unmanned drone systems equipped with sensors may be able to help move the scientific study of sea ice forward.

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