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Double-Dutch: GKN Fokker Joins Forces with PAL-V to Perfect Flying Car


Netherlands-based GKN Fokker, a maker of aircraft and aircraft components, recently signed a MOU to help accelerate a flying car being developed by PAL-V.

GKN Fokker will help PAL-V strengthen its business capabilities and add new technologies to the eVTOL currently in design and development.

“GKN Fokker will assist us in the finalization of the PAL-V Liberty, its production and final certification,” said Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V.

“This innovative product can help the aviation industry in moving to the next chapter of personal flying mobility,” says Adriann Leyte, GKN Fokker’s vice president of new business development.

The PAL-V combines flying and driving in a single vehicle. It was designed to be compliant with existing aviation rules and regulations, based on the gyroplane.

The PAL-V flying car may be used for private use as well as policing, border control, military and coast guard services, and first response.

PAL-V will have the option to build its craft in a secured facility, something it does not currently have at its standard production facility.

Compliance certification is expected to be complete by 2021 when the first PAL-V is expected to deliver into market.

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