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Flying Car-toons

the Jetson family in a flying car

If we said “eVTOL toons,” would you know what we meant?

For all the science and serious technology surrounding eVTOLs, be honest. Would the public even be the slightest bit aware, let alone desirous of having flying cars, had it not been for a cartoon more than 50 years ago?

Even officers from the U.S. military talk about making The Jetsons flying car a reality. The notion of piloting your own aircraft – from home to work and back, to the supermarket, for just plain, everyday life – has been a dream almost since Henry Ford flipped the engine lever on his first Model A. But it was George and Jane, daughter Judy, and “their boy, Elroy,” that sparked the revolution that will soon become reality.

To understate the obvious, times are challenging at best around the globe. We thought we would examine some of those highlighting the ‘lighter side’ of eVTOLs. Enjoy!

This 1958 comic strip about the possibility of flying cars may have served as inspiration for the Jetsons. The copy says, in part, “it may happen sooner than we think!”

Tim Hamilton cartoon, The New Yorker

“I was able to travel to the year 2020. No flying cars yet—they

only just got around to cancelling ‘Cops’ and Aunt Jemima syrup.”

Lee Judge cartoon, from Kansas City Star


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Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke is a California-based writer who is fascinated by the way technology changes our lives.