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Ring’s New Drone Cam Comes Home

Like, Inside Your Home

Amazon's new drone on docking station.
Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2023, the Always Home Cam is expected to retail for US$250.

Amazon, the folks who brought you the Ring, which implanted a video camera inside your front door bell so you could see who was at the door whether you were at home or not, is launching – literally – a new home security product in 2024 – the Always Home Cam.

The device is an automated indoor drone you can program to run a visual check on your home while you’re out and about.

About 6 inches tall, the Always Home Cam takes off from a dock you place on a countertop or table and executes a sortie along a route you predetermine during the device’s initial set up.

Amazon claims the Always Home Cam generates about as much noise as a vacuum cleaner or a blender (not a problem for you since you’re not home, but it may unnerve Fido or Miss Kitty at first).

Always Home Cam has a flight time of about five minutes before it has to return to its dock to recharge for its next ‘Home Alone’ adventure.

You can preview the device in the company’s promotional video and see for yourself.

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