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A Texas-Sized Proving Ground Where UAS Drones Can Roam the Skies

[PHOTO CREDIT: Geographic Drone and the City of Mineral Wells, TX]
[PHOTO CREDIT: Geographic Drone and the City of Mineral Wells, TX]

So, you’re developing an eVTOL or an hybrid eVTOL, or perhaps a flying car of a different breed altogether.

You’ve designed the airframe, the interior, avionics, propulsion system, landing gear, and built your prototype — everything you need to get this unmanned bird airborne and ready for certification from the regulators. But, that’s where things get complicated.

Because your aircraft isn’t certified, it’s not getting clearance any time soon from any conventional tower to take off. That’s where nonprofit Texas UASWERX comes in.

With a 1,300-square mile private, proving ground in Mineral Wells, Texas (just west of Dallas), Texas UASWERX offers the airspace and expertise you might need to make your unmanned urban air mobility dreams come true.

With a management team composed of ex-U.S. Army, Air Force, and FAA leaders, the site also sports a 5G telecommunications network.

Texas UASWERX is affiliated with The MITRE Corporation (a nonprofit managing federally funded research centers), Southern Methodist University, and the University of Texas at Dallas. It also operates the only federally certified UAS apprenticeship program.

Texas UASWERX includes an operations building, flight control room, conference room/flight ops viewing room, classroom/customer work area and hangar. With anechoic/reverb chambers and access to the University of Texas Arlington’s laboratory facilities, the company supports fixed and rotary wing Tier 1-3-sized UAS. The north Texas climate enables year-round flying, so complete your preflight checks and start soaring.

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