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The Future of Urban Air Mobility

UAM by the numbers

Assortment of numbers
The upcoming numbers for Urban Air Mobility are impressive.

Urban air mobility (UAM) is primed for takeoff in the next few years. Here are some of the key numbers being posited as the industry matures between now and 2035 (when the UAM industry is expected to be commonplace).

US$ 0.9 billion – Estimated revenue generation for UAM in 2028

60,000 – Number of new pilots needed to meet demand for UAM

4,100 – Initial number of UAM vehicles projected by 2028

23,000 – Estimated number of UAM vehicles by 2030

US$ 500 billion – Anticipated Global Urban Air Mobility Market value for airport shuttles and air taxis

US $74-US$641 billion – UAM market value by 2035

55,000 – Potential average number of daily UAM trips in the U.S.

US$2.5 billion – Estimated air taxi market value during the first few years of commercial operations.

26 miles – 150 miles (approx. 42km – 240 km) – Anticipated flight range on a single charge for an eVTOL

US$3-US$11 – Approximate per-mile cost for an air taxi ride

11 million – NASA’s estimate for average number of daily trips in the U.S.

16 million – NASA’s projection of the number of passengers transported daily in the U.S.

US$9,000-US$9,800 – The projected cost of a Medevac evacuation by eVTOL.

US$3.1 billion–US$8 billion – Projected market size for goods’ deliveries by 2030

US$1.5MM-US$4MM – The projected cost of a “flying car” when they first become commercially available.

US$1.15MM – The amount of (disclosed) venture capital funding for UAM vehicles in 2020.


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