Is Sand the New Lithium?

By Dave Clarke | September 4, 2023

The answer to powering Advanced Air Mobility may be shifting in a desert nearby. If you’ve ever walked barefoot on the beach on a hot day, you know you literally feel the heat. Heat is stored energy, stored energy that could be used to power homes, offices, cars (maybe even flying ones?!). Perhaps best of…

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Before They Buy eVTOLs, People Need to “Buy Into” eVTOLs

By Dave Clarke | July 31, 2023

Public awareness of advanced air mobility (AAM) is not keeping pace with the achievements of eVTOL manufacturers.

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5 Things to Know About Drones Now

By Dave Clarke | July 19, 2023

Governments are using drones of various sizes in all sorts of different ways. This is just the beginning.

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Advanced Air Mobility by the Numbers

By AeroCar Journal Staff | June 15, 2023

Advanced air mobility is predicted to bring eVTOLs to the skies, jobs to the world, and significant economic development to global economies.

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