Is Low SWaP-C Radar the Key to Urban Air Mobility?

By Dave Clarke | July 19, 2021

Low SWaP-C radar will facilitate the development of a feasible detect and avoid system and accelerate autonomous urban air mobility.

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How Far Will Your UAM Aircraft Fly?

By AeroCar Journal Staff | July 9, 2021

Where UAM aircraft ranges in miles are at right now and how emerging technologies may improve UAM aircraft ranges.

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Artificial Intelligence and Urban Air Mobility

By Dave Clarke | June 25, 2021

In director Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 dystopian film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Man (astronaut, Dr. Dave Bowman) and Machine (the spaceship’s computer system, the “heuristically programmed algorithmic computer system” aka HAL) face off over control of the ship and the astronaut’s fate. As HAL’s artificial intelligence (AI) system develops a “mind of its own,” HAL’s interests…

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Can You Afford a Flying Car?

By Dave Clarke | June 12, 2021

When will the cost of flying cars (VTOLs) be affordable? It may be a moot point.

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