Image blueprint showing energy stored in hot sand.

Is Sand the New Lithium?

Will Your Evtol Soon Be Powered by Sand?

The answer to powering Advanced Air Mobility may be shifting in a desert nearby. If you’ve ever walked barefoot on the beach on a hot day, you know you literally feel the heat. Heat is stored energy, stored energy that could be used to power homes, offices, cars (maybe even flying ones?!). Perhaps best of…

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Photo of researcher with safety glasses on.

Will Sodium-Ion Batteries Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries . . .

before Advanced Air Mobility even takes off?

The ‘e’ in eVTOLs – electric – has, from the outset of advanced air mobility (AAM) relied on lithium-ion batteries to power the aircraft. But, if scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Seattle, Washington-based Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) succeed in their efforts to develop a sodium-ion battery, the result could be a real…

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Amazon's new drone on docking station.

Ring’s New Drone Cam Comes Home

Like, Inside Your Home

Amazon’s new Always Home Drone Cam is the latest in home security.

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Illustration showing software detecting drone.

Drones – The Good, the Bad, and the Amazing

Emerging drone technology

Drone technology is being used in many creative ways, not all of it good!

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A small drone with toroidal propellers

Toroidal Propellers May Quietly Pave the Way to UAM Package Deliveries and More

According to MIT research

Making drones quieter by redesigning propellers may be the key to public acceptance of unmanned deliveries.

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battery on its side, magnetic field running through it

Vertically Aligned Electrodes May Improve Battery Charging Times by 500%

For AAM, Vertical May Not Just Be for Take Off, It Could Be Good for Electrode Alignment Too

The linchpin of eVTOL transportation’s commercial success (read “profitability”) fundamentally lies within that lowercase “e”– the electric part of the acronym. But, one of the challenges eVTOL developers and manufacturers face is their ability to quickly and efficiently keep their lithium-ion powered vehicles sufficiently charged to keep them aloft. The Challenge of Keeping eVTOLs Charged…

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