‘Take Off Here’ Dallas Tells VTOLs

There’s the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” To be sure, the people running the City of Dallas are no fools. They are quick learners, in fact. “Look at electric scooters. They’re here. They’re everywhere,” says Dallas Director of Transportation, Michael Rogers. “We were still trying to…

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US Army Recruits VTOLs for the Frontline

When it comes to surprising your adversaries on the battlefield, silence is golden. As are the logistical advantages offered by an aircraft that requires no runway. Which is why the US Army Research Laboratory (US ARL) is working with Uber and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin to develop to develop silent rotor…

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Government Agencies Play Catch-up with Aviation Technology

In the race toward the future, eVTOL development, sped along by advances in drone technology, is outpacing airspace rules and regulations—and therefore, safety. And NASA—along with industry, government, and academic partners—is working to bridge the gap. Uber and NASA Uber Technologies announced plans in 2016 to develop an electric flying taxi service that would provide…

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