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Where: This Munich, Germany-based company was founded in February 2015 by four aerospace engineers from the Technical University of Munich, one of whom, Daniel Wiegand, is now CEO. The company is being funded by investors as well as the European Space Agency.

Who: The electric flying taxi start-up hired Frank Stephenson, the designer of cars ranging from the Mini Cooper to the McLaren P1, for reimagining cars for the sky.

What: Lilium is developing a five-seat, tilt-wing eVTOL for commuters that will be powered by 36 electric engines on its wings. Its aims to demonstrate this eVTOL jet by 2019. The prototype will be capable of a mid-air transition from dronelike hover mode into wing-borne flight and will fly as fast as 186 miles per hour with a range of about 190 miles or 1 hour of flight time before it needs recharging.

When: Commercial service in the US and other regions is expected by 2025.

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