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Porsche Partners with Boeing to Lift eVTOLs into Premium Airspace

Courtesy: Boeing
Courtesy: Boeing

Boeing and Porsche have partnered to bring a luxury flying car into existence. A recent Memorandum of Understanding between Boeing and Porsche has been executed “to explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace” according to the aviation and auto giants.

According to Detlev von Platen, Porsche’s marketing chief, the partnership allows Porsche “to enhance its scope as a sports car manufacturer by becoming a leading brand of premium mobility. This could mean moving into the third dimension of travel.”

Engineers from Boeing, Porsche, and Aurora Flight Sciences – a Boeing subsidiary that designs and builds drones – will work together to design an autonomous eVTOL and build its prototype.

Boeing NeXt General Manager Steve Nordlund hopes the partnership will accelerate the adoption of urban air mobility. “This collaboration builds on our efforts to develop a safe and efficient new mobility ecosystem,” he explained.

When Porsche Consulting examined the potential market for eVTOLs, its study estimated the vehicles would begin service around 2025. By 2035, as many as 23,000 air taxis would be in service, creating a US$32 billion market opportunity.

By partnering with Boeing, Porsche can explore the viability of producing an upscale eVTOL consistent with the brand’s image to continue to generate strong profits as the technology evolves.

Dave Clarke

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