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5 Things to Know About Drones Now

UAVs are taking flight to aid and improve everything from disease control to a dip in the ocean

Illuminated drones light up night sky in the form of a car.
Sky Elements uses drones to put on dazzling displays in the sky. [Image copyright and courtesy Sky Elements]
  • In New York State (NYS), Governor Kathy Hochul implemented her plan to better monitor and prevent shark attacks: put eyes in the sky. NYS now has 24 trained drone operators and set aside up to US$1 million to protect swimmers against shark attacks.
A gloved hand holding a white miniature drone.

Black Hornet micro-drone [Credit: Wikipedia]

  • The Jerusalem Post reported that Teledyne Norway is supplying 1,000 additional Black Hornet micro-drones (see photo) to Norway to Ukraine to defend itself in the ongoing conflict.
  • The eyes of Texas will soon be upon the denizens of the Lone Star State. The North Texas Innovation Alliance hosted a Drones & Robotics Demo Day to help make Dallas County a smart county.
  • Fireworks are giving way to drones as the UAVs are more environmentally friendly, safer, and quieter than traditional sky-high celebratory entertainment. The movement is (pardon the pun) catching fire globally as they lit up the skies at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the coronation of Britain’s King Charles.
  • The Orange County California Mosquito and Vector Control District is using drones to combat a spike in the mosquito population to mitigate against the spread of disease in Southern California.
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