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Advanced Air Mobility by the Numbers

From US$1.08 to US$1.5Tn

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There is a new economic aviation sector in the works: Advanced Air Mobility. It will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and generate trillions of dollars in revenue over the next decade. [Image copyright and courtesy of NASA.]

The emerging advanced air mobility (AAM) market is set to send economies worldwide soaring. Here are a few of the key numbers being tossed around:

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US$1.5 trillion  The value of the autonomous urban aircraft market by 2040, according to a research study conducted by Morgan Stanley.

US$394 million Toyota’s 2020 investment in Joby Aviation.

280,000  The new jobs that will be created by the AAM market by 2035, according to a study published by Aviation Today in March 2023.

US$45.12Bn  The projected value of the AAM market by 2030.

800+  The number of eVTOL aircraft in development according the Vertical Flight Society’s World eVTOL Aircraft Directory.

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