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Alfred Nobel took the first photograph from a UAV, a picture of Boston.

A US$260 Billion Global Drone Market by 2033?

The drone market will experience astronomical growth between now and 2033.

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Where California Leads, Will a UAM Nation Follow?

Where California Leads, Will a UAM Nation Follow? By Nanci Mora With nearly 40 million people (13 million of them in metropolitan Los Angeles, 3 million+ in San Diego, and approximately 2.5 million in the San Francisco Bay Area) covering 160,000+ square miles (roughly 423,000 square kilometers), the state is an ideal sandbox for the…

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colorful graphic of state of California with eVTOL

Where California Leads, Will a UAM Nation — or the World — Follow?

California’s nearly 40 million residents could set the gold standard for UAM.

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Maps and illustrations of Oklahoma City.

Winds of Change – A Proposal to Reconstruct Wind Flows for Urban Air Mobility

Predicting wind flows for UAM is a challenge to the safe integration of uncrewed aircraft systems into the national airspace. One researcher proposes a solution using a computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Reynolds-average Navier Stokes (RANS) model with current real-world observation.

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Yellow trolley in front of colorful urban homes.

Does the Public Really Want Air Taxis?

People have wildly different views on the future of urban air mobility (UAM). Policymakers and transport operators need to pay attention.

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Roadrunner attack drone sitting in foreground against a dusky landscape.

A Drone Militaries Can Use to Seek and Destroy or Seek and Return

Costa Mesa, California-based Anduril Industries has literally and figuratively launched its boomerang drone bomb. Equipped with an autonomous, artificial intelligence (AI) “brain,” the Roadrunner UAV is capable of taking down a moving target midair and destroying itself on impact. Should the mission not achieve its objective, Roadrunner will turn itself around and land itself nose-up…

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