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Boeing and Kitty Hawk Launch Wisk Aero

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Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, and the Kitty Hawk flying car company have established a company called Wisk Aero.

This new joint venture evolved from a strategic partnership the two companies formed in mid-2019. The partnership was formed to develop safe urban air mobility (UAM) so that electric flying cars, both autonomous and piloted, can become a reality.

Kitty Hawk’s Zephyr Airworks, which has been developing and testing the eVTOL Cora in New Zealand since 2017, is now Wisk New Zealand. Cora is a two-seater autonomous air taxi that has undergone 1,000 test flights. Kitty Hawk is owned by Google co-founder Larry Page.

The new Mountain View, CA, company will be led by CEO Gary Gysin, the former CEO of Liquid Robotics, a Boeing subsidiary.

Gysin and two other Boeing executives hold three seats on the five-member board of Wisk.

Lynn Tryba

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