Diagram of a rapid, multidirectional scanning for UAVs

Let There Be LiDAR Onboard Your UAVs

It’s a Million Times Faster Than Radar

Researchers are studying how Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR) systems might be used to help keep uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) safe.

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A Vertical Aerospace eVTOL as it might appear in a vertiport, awaiting passengers

Who’s Investing in Urban Air Mobility: The World’s Biggest Airlines

To Date: 21 Airlines See eVTOLs in Their Future

The world’s airlines are putting down some serious money to buy the eVTOLs they imagine will carry them into the Urban Air Mobility market.

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woman peers at an electric grid

eVTOLs: Plug In, Charge Up, Take Off

Urban Air Mobility Will Be All About the Infrastructure

Building an advanced air mobility infrastructure takes time, capital, and cooperation.

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Illustration depicting electric vehicles versus gas powered cars.

eVTOLs: Does Mineral Madness Lurk Beyond Lithium-Ion?

Demand, and mining, for many minerals will dominate the future of transportation

The demand for mined minerals will play a large role in the future of all electric vehicles, including eVTOLs.

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Drawing of ALIA-250 eVTOl flying above city.

Modern eVTOLs Are Coming to Ancient Greece

Tourists vacationing at Aria Hotels in Greece will soon be able to travel to different locales in eVTOLs.

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diagram that shows the SoS approach to Urban Air Mobility architecting

For UAM to Succeed, the Stars Won’t Need to Align, But a Lot of Systems Will

Researchers explore UAM from a System of Systems (SoS) perspective

Researchers at the Hamburg, Germany-based German Aerospace Center, Institute of System Architectures in Aeronautics (DLR), wanted to understand how different fully electric urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft architecture might affect the overall system of systems’ (SoS’) capability. (SoS refers to a complex system composed of multiple systems that work together to achieve what can’t be…

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