Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Headquarters: Manassas, VA What: Acquired by Boeing in the fall of 2017, Aurora specializes in flight systems for pilotless electric aircraft for both military and commercial applications. It’s produced a line of small eVTOL autonomous aircraft. Before being acquired by Boeing, Aurora had been working with Uber to develop flying taxis and demonstration flights had…

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Bell Air Taxi on the Move

The Uber/Bell Flight partnership to create an urban air taxi system in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is on a tight schedule. Both companies want the Uber Elevate system operating between the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and Frisco Station by 2023, with first test flights expected by 2020. Given the schedule, there’s speculation that a recent patent…

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Headquarters: Japan What: Toyota recently invested $370,000 in this nonprofit organization, which is employing the skills of volunteers from the automobile, aviation, and IT industries to develop a road/air quadrotor craft called SkyDrive. The aerial car’s rotors remain folded while being driven on the road and unfold when transitioning to flight mode. Maximum flight speed…

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Ehang Headquarters: China What: At the 2016 CES tech conference in Las Vegas, Ehang tested the Ehang 184, an egg-shaped, single-passenger autonomous quadcopter that can carry up to 220 pounds for 10 miles or about 25 minutes in the air. The passenger doesn’t fly the craft; he simply sets the flight path into the computer…

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Urban Aeronautics

Headquarters: Israel What: Established in 2013 by Dr. Rafi Yoeli, an aerospace research and development scientist with more than 35 years experience, and others, including Major-General Herzle Bodinger, the former Commander of the Israeli Air Force, Urban Aeronautics is pursuing several markets for flying cars through its subsidiaries, Metro Skyways and Tactical Robotics. While Tactical…

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Cora Air Taxi

Kitty Hawk

Headquarters: California What: Cora is a 100 percent electric, emissions-free, two-seat, self-piloting flying taxi with a hornetlike fuselage. How: Cora lifts from the ground like a helicopter courtesy of 12 lift fans located on its wings, which stretch 36 feet tip to tip. The fans appear to be integrated motor/propeller units that can change position…

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