Hyundai’s Flying Car Initiative Takes Off

With a market opportunity expected to reach US$1.5 trillion by 2040, Hyundai Motor Group recently signaled it’s ready to enter the quest for safe, reliable flying cars by forming an urban air mobility division. The South Korean automaker hired Dr. Jaiwon Shin, formerly an aeronautics engineer with NASA, to lead the initiative. Head of Hyundai…

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AeroMobil Set to Release 6.0 eVTOL Design

AeroMobil, the Slovakian flying car manufacturer, plans to reveal a scaled design of its version 6.0 flying car before the close of 2019. The 6.0 eVTOL will be the company’s first flight-mode-only model, said Simon Bendrey, AeroMobil’s head of engineering, at the Global Urban Air Summit in the UK. AeroMobil also announced the launch of…

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Volocopter Unveils New City Air Taxi

Volocopter recently unveiled VoloCity, the fourth-generation of its air taxi model. The German company learned what worked and what didn’t from 1,000 test flights of its previous Volocopter version. Some of those test flights took place in Dubai, which has been a leading player in the emerging field of flying cars. The new electrical take-off…

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Kitty Hawk VTOL Has Flown 25,000 Times

Flyer, the one-person VTOL being developed by Kitty Hawk, the flying car company founded by former Google executive Sebastian Thrun, has now flown more than 25,000 times. The company hopes to market the one-passenger/pilot Flyer alongside CORA, its two-person/piloted air taxi, which is being developed with Boeing. Flyer is intended for recreational use. Kitty Hawk…

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Flying car launched in Japan.

NEC’s Flying Car Completes Successful Test Flight in Japan

“You may think of ‘Back to the Future,’” Fumiaki Ebihara, an official with the  Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, told CBS News in 2018. “Up to now, it was just a dream, but with innovations in motors and batteries, it’s time for it to become real.” Let the records show that in early…

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New race series created for flying cars.

New Race Series for Flying Cars

Playing off the idea of “if you build it they will come,” tech entrepreneur Matt Pearson believes his launch of a motorsports racing series for the sky will propel innovation in electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL). If the popularity of NASCAR and Formula 1 are any indication, there’s an eager fan base that…

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