UAM Community Advocates for Continued Support from US Government

Urban air mobility (UAM) is on the minds of many in the aviation community these days. And, it seems, U.S. government officials have also taken note of the enormous opportunities UAM offers the nation and the world. In a recent letter, signed by 10 leading aerospace organizations, the groups applauded the government’s recent actions in…

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NASA and Uber Connect to Develop Flying Car Network

As part of NASA’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) project, the government agency has partnered with ridesharing firm, Uber, to study the development of a traffic network to facilitate flying cars. Focused on low-flying personal and public vehicles as well as package-delivery drones, the UAM seeks ways to manage the logistics of handling VTOL vehicles as…

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US Air Force Prepares to Take Off with Flying Cars

F15 Eagle. F-22 Raptor. F-16 Fighting Falcon. Terrafugia? Pop.Up? The US Air Force has announced plans to develop its own flying car to add to its fleet of aircraft. Called Agility Prime, Dr. Will Roper, assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, technology and logistics, explained: “It was a low-hanging opportunity to broaden the…

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New race series created for flying cars.

New Race Series for Flying Cars

Playing off the idea of “if you build it they will come,” tech entrepreneur Matt Pearson believes his launch of a motorsports racing series for the sky will propel innovation in electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL). If the popularity of NASCAR and Formula 1 are any indication, there’s an eager fan base that…

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A Battery! A Battery! Our Kingdoms for a Battery.

Monty Python famously sought the Holy Grail (a vessel from Arthurian legend thought to provide eternal youth or happiness). Shakespeare’s Richard III would have traded his crown and kingdom if someone would just give him a horse to win the battle at Bosworth Field. And today’s VTOL manufacturers, well, who’s to say what they would…

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