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Startup Transcend Air Aims to Create Northeast Air Taxi

Courtesy of Transcend Air
Courtesy of Transcend Air

If you’ve got approximately US$20MM to spare, you might consider lending a startup hand to Transcend Air.

Founders Gregory Bruell, formerly head of Elytron, a Silicon Valley VTOL design firm, and Peter Schmidt, a tech advisor for air-taxi provider Linear Air, have an eVTOL they’d like you to fund.

Conceived as part traditional eVTOL and part airplane – once airborne, its tiltrotor wings rotate from helicopter mode to airplane mode.

“I’ll Take ‘NY to BOS in 36 Minutes,’” Alex

The company’s model Vy 400 proposes to take four passengers from Manhattan to Boston in just over 30 minutes for the price of a traditional first-class airline ticket, about US$300.

The company has yet to secure a manufacturer, but it envisions its aircraft will traverse the Northeast Corridor at speeds of approximately 400 MPH. The 4,800-lb aircraft also includes de-icing technologies and a parachute should something go awry at its planned cruising altitude of 16,000 feet.

If the Yankees make the World Series and the Patriots have a home game the same day, this should take care of your foursome and get you from your box seats behind home plate at Yankee Stadium to your box on the 50-yard line at Gillette Stadium in time for the kickoff.

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