Where California Leads, Will a UAM Nation Follow?

Regulations, Sustainability, Operations, and, Oh Yeah -- Taxes

Where California Leads, Will a UAM Nation Follow? By Nanci Mora With nearly 40 million people (13 million of them in metropolitan Los Angeles, 3 million+ in San Diego, and approximately 2.5 million in the San Francisco Bay Area) covering 160,000+ square miles (roughly 423,000 square kilometers), the state is an ideal sandbox for the…

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Illuminated drones light up night sky in the form of a car.

5 Things to Know About Drones Now

UAVs are taking flight to aid and improve everything from disease control to a dip in the ocean

Governments are using drones of various sizes in all sorts of different ways. This is just the beginning.

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Colorful diagram of flight tracks for a high-density vertiplex

The Complexities of Operating High-Density Vertiplexes and How to Automate Them

According to NASA

NASA is prototyping and assessing Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Ecosystems.

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map of the US

For Whom the Bell Tolls – It Might Soon Toll for Your UAVs

Commercial drone operations may begin as early as 2025. It remains to be seen whether there will be air tolls for unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Michael Hirschberg standing at podium

The FAA makes a U-Turn on eVTOLs

Changes course on certification

After nearly a decade of collaboration with industry, the FAA has abruptly changed the path of how winged eVTOLs can get certified.

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figurine of the scales of justice

A Win for Drone Journalism

Victory in UAV litigation in Texas

A Texas judge ruled it is legal to use drones for newsgathering and to publish their photos.

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