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City skyline illustration demonstrates the need for new wind flow models in order for UAM to succeed.

Urban Air Mobility Needs a New Wind Flow Model to Fly Right

The study revealed a host of factors which impact urban wind flow. These include: diurnal variations, the Coriolis effect, geographic positioning, topography, surface roughness, flow incidence angle, building and street configurations, building aspect ratios, roof shapes, and building heights.

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Building Better eVTOL Batteries for UAM

through 500 cycles, theGen-2 system displayed signs of polarization and capacity loss, particularly during high-rate hover and descent phases of operations. By comparison, the dual-salt electrolyte system was stable retaining capacity and exhibiting low polarization potentials through the flight cycle.

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close up of the face of an angry man

How Troublesome Will eVTOL Passengers Be by 2030?

Rudeness in the sky is becoming commonplace. This doesn’t bode well for the eVTOL/UAM industry, which hopes to be in full swing by 2030.

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An illustration of a flying car hovering over cityscape.

Advanced Air Mobility by the Numbers

Advanced air mobility is predicted to bring eVTOLs to the skies, jobs to the world, and significant economic development to global economies.

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An Altair UAV prepares to land in a desert setting.

Drones Poll Results

People have diverse opinions on how the future of drones will shake out in the near future.

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Amazon's new drone on docking station.

Ring’s New Drone Cam Comes Home

Amazon’s new Always Home Drone Cam is the latest in home security.

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