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Drones Poll Results

Here’s How You Voted in Our “Delving Into Drones” Poll on LinkedIn

An Altair UAV prepares to land in a desert setting.
An Altair UAV manufactured for NASA by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. is poised for flight at GA-ASI’s flight test facility at El Mirage, California. [Image Credit: NASA/Tom Tschida]

We asked: “By 2030, the most extensive use of UAVs will be:”

You all responded:

40% Defense, Law Enforcement

11% Photogrammetry

9% Agriculture

40% Private Sector


We asked: “The biggest challenge to the UAV industry’s initial success will be:”

You all responded:

13% Public Acceptance

25% Infrastructure

56% Regulatory Requirements

6% Weather Challenges


We asked: “Geographically, the biggest opportunity [for UAV operators] to achieve private sector profitability will be in”:

You all responded:

53% North America

6% European Union (EU)

18% Middle East

24% Asia-Pacific


Check back later this week to take AeroCar Journal’s Pop Quiz and test your knowledge of UAM/AAM.

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